Membership in GRMOTC is open to any mother of multiple birth children, including those expecting multiples. Annual dues to GRMOTC are $28 per year.  See "How to Join" for more information about joining.


Membership entitles you to participate in all Club events, including family parties, preview sale for our annual sale, discussion board, as well as membership in both the New York State and National Mothers of Twins organizations. Included in the National Membership is a subscription to National Notebook, the National newsletter, published bi-monthly.


We invite you to attend, as our guest, up to three general meetings while deciding if the Club is right for you. After that, we ask that you pay dues and become a member of the Club.


We offer many discussion groups to support our members. These groups often meet on the same night as the general meetings.


For additional information, visit our frequently asked questions or email inquiries to membership@grmotc.com


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